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Construction, simplified

Takt time for your construction projects

At Mestamaster we offer processes and digital tools to simplify and speed up the construction process. With Mestamaster tools you can quickly deploy and control takt time projects, reduce scheduling risks, and achieve up to 20% time savings over traditional construction methods.
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At Mestamaster, we want to make the construction process easy, predictable, faster, reliable, and transparent to all.

Why Mestamaster?

Mestamaster is more than a tool. It's a toolkit.

We don’t want Mestamaster to be just an app or a digital tool. We want to be a full solution that will help your projects succeed. With Mestamaster you get:

  • Mestamaster’s digital tools for takt production scheduling, digital work lists, and takt control and monitoring.
  • Mestamaster’s expertise and support in takt production for construction as well as materials such as meeting cards, sample schedules, guides and support for site management.
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Improved scheduling

Visualize the status of your entire project with Mestamaster, identify obstacles and problem areas faster, and increase productivity by up to 20%.

Smart worklists

See the real time status of tasks im Mestamaster. Make your to-do lists smarter by implementing waiting times and pre-conditions for tasks.

Predictability for your projects

Get a clear picture of the trajectory of your project. Eliminate surprises by streamlining work tasks and tracking their progress in Mestamaster.

What is Takt?

From industrial manufacturing to construction sites

Takt time is a method from the manufacturing industry in which the tasks of a project or work are divided into packages of equal size that immediately follow each other. Like wagons on a train.

This way of working makes it possible to coordinate the work of several different teams on the site at the same time, and to move from one work phase at the same time

Takt time brings benefits to productivity, but starting it requires careful control. If one team is delayed, the work of all the following teams will be delayed. Mestamaster helps you create a takt schedule, deploy it to subcontractors, and monitor the project in real-time data, reducing delays and work blockers.

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Learn more about Takt

Join our mailing list and we will send you a free example of a takt schedule.

When you join our mailing list, you will get an example of a takt schedule that will give you an idea of how the a takt project works. Our demo project is also based on the same schedule.

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Made by construction professionals, for construction professionals

We have worked on, and continue to develop Mestamaster from our experiences and frustrations with construction projects, and our product is a culmination of the lessons we have learned. We want to share that knowledge with you and help your projects succeed.

"We know what it's like to lead a construction site. Based on that experience, Mestamaster has been born.
If your site needs support, we know what works best."
Mikko Hell
Takt time consultant & Founder of Mestamaster.


“Before Mestamaster, I ran around the construction site all day, up to 20,000 steps a day. With Mestamaster, the number of steps has dropped to 12,000, and I can spend my day more efficiently planning my work. "
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