Intelligent Takt Time Construction

Mestamaster combines the best practices and digital solution for Takt Time construction


What does Mestamaster offer?

With Mestamaster you save time and money: provenly fewer mistakes, less waiting hours, less waste. You get a better chance of succeeding in Takt production than your competitors.

Working and repeatable practice

Mestamaster includes a number of proven practices to avoid the most common pitfalls of Takt production. Leading with the common practices, production can be developed from project to project regardless of outside factors.

From the schedule to work group tasks

Mestamaster is the missing piece between the plan and action. It automatically breaks down the schedule into concrete tasks that are distributed to the workgroups.

Leading with knowledge

Mestamaster creates exceptionally accurate snapshots by involving work groups into collection data. This allows work management to react faster and more accurately to different situations in production and emerging issues.

The recipe for successful Takt construction

Over the years, Mestamaster has developed a proven process that enables Takt production work like a (production) train on its rails.


Training and support for starting the site. Users are introduced to Mestamaster and the essential materials are distributed.

Project plan

The project's basic information, workgroups, -tasks and -packages, as well as throughputs and work areas are entered into the Mestamaster.


The to-do list is a daily tool for work group seniors, which shows work of each Takt listed. Worklists are automatically generated from project plan without burdening the management.


It is the responsibility of the work group seniors to report the status of their work on a task-by-task basis: started, completed or suspended.


When the work lists are in order and the reporting works, real-time snapshots of the site are generated automatically.


Accurate project data allows analysis of project's problems and successes. With accurate data, continuous improvement is based on the actual knowledge.

Succeed in Takt time with Mestamaster

What our users say?

Takt has been said to be one of the most significant reforms in the construction industry since the 1980s. However, Mestamaster is nothing without its loyal users.

Basic renovation

Erika Marjava

Site foreman, Consti

“Now I don’t have to do that Excel anymore[schedule] as the basis. —— And this is a luxury when the program is modified according to your own wishes. You rarely (if ever) get that kind of treatment, I appreciate it! ”

Heavy renovation

Mikko Hell

Responsible foreman - Consti

“The app shared the work flawlessly and created a snapshot faster than I could. With this information, problems could be addressed more quickly – often on their own by the workers. It’s all about risk management.”

Basic improvement

Katrin Beqiri

Foreman - Consti

“Before Mestamaster, I trampled on the site all the time, there were up to 20,000 steps a day. With Mestamaster, there have only been 12,000 steps, and I’ve been able to use my working time more effectively for preparatory work.”

In the media

Gradually, articles about Takt construction and the benefits of Mestamaster have also appeared in the media. Here are a few of them.

Rakennuslehti, 6.4.2020. “Airport Hotel Bonus Inn will be renovated one day Takt” “Mestamaster is a tool to help Takt production on the site”, 23.6.2020. “Minimizing interferences with Takt time on residential and hotel renovations”, 4.5.2020. “Utilization of data in Takt time”


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The team behind of it all

Truly a great team. Splendid.

Mikko Hell

Training & products

Civil engineer, 8 years of experience in the construction industry, a pioneer in Takt time.

+358 44 913 5409

Mikko (at)

Kasperi Keski-Loppi

Technical things

M.Sc. in Engineering, 10 years of IT experience.

+358 40 700 8296

Kasperi (at)

Tuomas Talola

Customer relationships & operations

Business development and sales, more than 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship and developing and growing web-based businesses.

+358 45 348 3825

Tuomas (at)

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